Medical Assistance

  • Limbs and Prostheses: The limbs department provides patients with various amputations¬† prostheses and periodic follow-up so that they can integrate into society and secure a better life.
  • Physiotherapy: After the recovery of many injuries, you need a physical follow-up, as we help patients with periodic sessions until their condition improves for the better.
  • Medical aid: We extend a helping hand by providing chairs, medical shoes, glasses, etc. to those in need due to the difficulty of securing them and the high price.
  • Medicines for cerebral atrophy: Medicines for cerebral atrophy are provided to children in the camps on a monthly basis until their health status improves.
  • People with special needs: Sick children are followed up according to treatment plans and periodic follow-up to contribute to their support in hearing loss, speech delay, Down syndrome, and others.