Food and Water

Frequently throughout the year, we provide food baskets to widows, orphans, and the poor in the camps to reduce the cost of basic life necessities.

Bread: Bread is distributed weekly in the camps of northern Syria, due to the high cost  and the difficulty in securing all their basic necessities.

Water wells: Digging wells to provide water in northern Syria is a basic need. They are dug in villages and towns that lack water and the difficulties in securing them.

Sheep: We periodically provide meals for khawaref, aqeeqah and vows, or cook them in charitable kitchens and distribute them to the poor, widows and orphans.

Baby milk: Milk for newborn babies is one of the essential needs in the camps. We provide it to children on a monthly basis in order to contribute to their growth.

Charity Kitchens: Daily meals are distributed in Basmat Amal Charitable Kitchens to the poor, needy and orphans, where approximately 900 meals are served daily.