About Us

We started our work in 2014 as a team of volunteers to support some humanitarian projects to provide assistance to people who need it most in northern Syria and southern Turkey. We care about the Syrian issue, especially the child, who is far from any political goal.  People and children in need financially and morally. We care about the psychological side and try to take care of it. We hope to return to our homes and build them with our own hands.


Provide benefit through initiative and excellence in development projects, educational and interactive programmes.


Pioneering in providing continuous assistance to orphans and the needy, so that they can succeed and rebuild their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Provide high level communication with our donors so they can see the positive impact of their donations and energize them to provide additional assistance to people in need so that we can maximize the human impact of each donation.


 1- Improving the lives of the needy by training, rehabilitating and educating them.

2- Providing the basic needs of life to them.

3- Providing psychological care and health habilitation.

4- Investing the energies of qualified and experienced people to serve the community.

5- We aspire to reach in the future to help every needy person from all countries

Volunteering – initiative – cooperation – honesty.



We draw a smile and plant hope