Schools of the North of Syria: Because of the importance of education for children, Basmat Amal Association affiliates 9 schools in the north of Syria for children of the primary and intermediate levels. The number of students exceeds 2500 and more than 150 teachers, and students obtain high rates every year.

Strengthening students in the school curricula: In order to reduce the difficulty of lessons for students, we offer remedial courses in various curricula in accordance with the schools and levels of students with a group of specialists from different educational stages.

Languages: Learning the language is one of the things that contribute to integration with society and coexistence in the best way. We hold English and Turkish language courses for school students of all ages, in order to contribute to facilitating their lives in society.

University Admission (YOS): The YOS curriculum is considered one of the important curricula whose study is considered essential for the student’s entry to the university. It is like an entrance exam for the university. In previous years, our students won various seats in the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, engineering, economics, etc., and each year students exceed 100 students.

University students: University students are sponsored because of the difficulties they face in securing tuition fees and difficult living expenses.